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Kennel Cattery is giving out awesome and fun-looking kennels to some lucky readers. We present the Kennel Cattery: Spot the Kennels.

How does it work?

All you have to do is read our weekly publications and make sure to keep an eye out for a red little kennel symbol along with the pages. We’re going to really hide it well or blend it so you won’t find it easily.

When you think you saw it, give us a call, make sure your pet is there with you and tell us the page and the volume in which you saw the kennel. Every week, there will be five lucky winners of brand new and quality kennels.

Final Week, Big Kennel, Bigger Surprise

This event will last until February 2020. In the final week, the kennels we’re giving away are going to be bigger and better. Not to mention there’s going to be a big surprise for 10 winners, that’s right 10.

We’re moving it to 10 from 5. We’re not going to reveal it right now to keep the excitement and suspense growing, and something to look forward too.

So, make sure that you are subscribed to our weekly newsletter to receive notifications about the latest releases. Or if you want, you can just hang out on our website and browse all day long. For more information, contact us today.