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featured image 3 Best Pet Friendly Hotels in New Zealand - 3 Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in New Zealand

 Pets are a big deal in New Zealand.

There are more than a hundred pet-friendly hotels and dozens of pet hotels or inns in the country. But among all of those temporary homes, these three are the best.

These three pet-friendly hotels are known all over New Zealand and they take in hundreds of guests every day. These providers even cater to people and pets coming from different countries.

Jet Park Hotel – Auckland

This is the go-to hotel for travellers travelling with their pets. Jet Park is known for its extraordinary hotel services for people and pets. Many previous and regular guests gave and are still giving this hotel 10 stars.

In order to check-in with your pet, make sure to make a booking ahead of time. But, don’t worry, pets are also catered to for same-day check-ins. However, price rates might be higher. So, a quick tip is to again, book early and make sure to mention you’re bringing your pet.

Jet Park is also applauded for the staff, the cleanliness, orderliness, and of course, the affordable rates. You don’ have to worry about spending thousands of dollars for an overnight stay.

The hotel also has everything including a spa, pool, family entertainment services, play area (for children and pets), and so much more.

Rotorua Thermal Park – Rotorua

It’s not a theme park, by the way, it’s a thermal park. RTP is known for its log cabin rooms and beautiful gardens. If you want a warm, spacious, and affordable place for you and your dog to stay in, this is where you go.

The best thing about RTP is not the accommodation, NO. The best thing about this hotel is the thermal pools for you and your pets. Think about it, you want to take a swim but don’t want to leave your dog behind, take him or her with you swimming.

You can even buy your dog cute swimwear and a pool float. Just imagine your little dog actually doing the dog paddle. There are even lifeguards at the ready so your dog can swim on his or her own. But you won’t let that happen of course.

U Residence Hotel – Wellington

If you really want top-rated hotel service for you and your dog, U Residence Hotel is where you book. This pet-friendly hotel offers the best rooms that are perfect for you and your pet.

The hotel is near a museum and the entire street where its located is near the sea. Imagine morning walks with your dog while enjoying the sea air and the sound of waves crashing. U Residence is also about luxurious staying and truly boasts modernity.

There are a lot of pet-friendly cities in New Zealand. Book your pet-friendly accommodation at any of these top-rated hotels today.

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