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The story of how Kennel Cattery was founded is cute and heartwarming. The owner of the magazine, Nicholas Porter, a local columnist from New Zealand and how he came across a family in distress one day walking around his hometown of Annesbrook.

The family, a mother, a father and their 7-year-old son, was not given a pass to stay in any of the local hotels. Why? Because they had a dog. It was a therapy dog for their son and he and his cute furry friend needed to sleep together.

After seeing how the parents begged, Porter took it upon himself to welcome the family in his home.

Long story short, he decided to create a blog listing hotels that accepted pets all over New Zealand.

How Kennel Cattery came to be

The first couple of blog posts by Porter were well received by the local community and even encouraged the hotels to accept pets. Then, more people outside the Annesbrook area started taking notice of the blog.

They wanted to take part in Porter’s mission to help people locate accommodation when travelling with their pets. Again, long story short, Kennel Cattery received national recognition and Porter decided to expand.

Kennel Cattery Today

Kennel Cattery today is one of the biggest pet magazines in New Zealand. It’s not just about hotels accommodating pets anymore. Porter went into the pet shelter business himself.

Kennel Cattery is now a magazine talking about pet hotels, pet kennels, pet cages, and believe it or not, even pet catering services. That’s right all the accommodation you want for your pet, you can get from Kennel Cattery.

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